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Lost & Found, the Comprehensive Guide

Lost & Found, the Comprehensive Guide

Did you ever figure out what happened to your extra set of keys? Ask the volunteers at the Help Desk.  Of all the fascinating collections in this library, the oddest is Lost & Found. This modest basket, a mere eleven by sixteen inches and eight inches deep, provides a limitless source of wonder.

We have four pairs of reading glasses, three pairs of sunglasses and two glasses cases (one a lovely peach and olive tapestry, the other plain utilitarian blue). We have a large white scarf (you might need that just now), a small bungee cord, and a mouse pad with a picture of a kitty. And someone bought a lovely blank card showing a beach on Hawaii at sunset, and then left it at the library.

Perhaps your child is missing a box of puzzle cards? We have a set of two: 123’s and Vet. We also have a collection of small, plastic child-related objects: a green jewel ring, an airplane made of four Leggo pieces, a dancing raisin, two toy dogs (Schnauzer and Pomeranian) and a piece of a 3-d jigsaw puzzle showing part of a car.

In the areas of technology and metallurgy, we have four thumb drives, a small red flashlight (batteries dead), a Canon digital camera, and a money clip with a turquoise #1 on it.   And, finally, we have keys: two sets of house keys (how did those people get in?), and, most puzzling of all, a set of car keys for a Hyundai (How did they leave? Where did the car go?)

If you have been longing to be reunited with any of these objects, please stop by and claim them. We expect other mysteries will come along to take their place soon enough.

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