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PCL Shares the Wealth

PCL Shares the Wealth

We get hundreds of books donated almost every week. Yes, we sort through them all.  Some we add to the collection, some we sell on Amazon, and some we sell right here. Others become trade credit at Hastings and Page One. But we get a lot more than we can use, so we have found ways to put them out in the community where they will do the most good.

One of our outlets is the Lovelace Rehab Hospital. Thanks to an intrepid patron who carts them down to Albuquerque, we are able to provide this outpatient clinic with an ongoing book exchange that gives free reading material to its patients, many of whom are low-income.

Another sharing project that we’ve started just recently is with the Sandoval County Detention Center. They take paperbacks only (no magazine, unfortunately) and Spanish materials would be much appreciated. SCDC has put out a request to the libraries of Sandoval County to help them provide reading material for the inmates, and we are happy to be of assistance.

We also send donated books to Lybrook Elementary a couple of times a year.  This sister library of ours serves both children and adults in a deeply impoverished area of Rio Arriba County. Children’s books are especially needed there.

Another outlet for children’s books is Algodones Elementary,  a part of the Bernalillo school district where the book budget is severely limited. Children’s fiction and nonfiction is greatly appreciated there.

And finally, we donate books to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Albuquerque. This charitable group sells used goods to support its mission of providing guidance and companionship for at-risk children.

So thank you for bringing us your used books. As well as supporting the library, you are also helping a variety of public services that bring education and entertainment to those in need.

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