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PCL: The Ultimate Traveling Companion

PCL: The Ultimate Traveling Companion

Are you traveling this summer? Let us help you get around. Anywhere from Anchorage to Zagreb, we can get you a street map and a restaurant review and tell you when the museum is open. And tell you how to say “thank you” to the waiter in the local lingo.

Start with a visit to our Online Resources page: On the top of the right column, you will find our online collection of A to Z maps and travel guides. Don’t forget to log in! The username and password are right there on the website. Just a brief cruise of A to Z World Travel and I’ve located an affordable seafood restaurant in Abu Dhabi and the expected tip for a barber in Montreal (that’s 15%, merci!).

And while you’re on our Online Resources page, scroll down to the bottom and check out Mango Languages on the left column. Just click on it and find language lessons in lots of common languages, like Spanish, French and Chinese, and some more unusual languages like Kazakh, Tuvan and Punjabi. And Pirate, in case you need to say, “Blow me down! The ship’s becalmed!” It could come in useful, maybe, if your travels are more exciting than mine have been.

Of course, we have lots of recently printed travel guides too, that you can check out a take with you, as well as language instruction on cd. If you prefer to travel from the comfort of your living room, our 900’s section is full of travel books. And we have pirate books, too (see, Under the Black Flag, by David Cordingly). So, until next time, fair winds, me hearties!.

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