Anne Hillerman’s The Way of The Bear Coming April 25th Book Signing May 6

Anne Hillerman’s The Way of The Bear

Coming April 25, 2023

The Book Signing is May 6, 2023 2 PM


Fossil harvesting, ancient lore, greed, rejected love and murder combine in this gripping new installment of New York Times bestselling author Anne Hillerman’s Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito series.

The Bears Ears area, at the edge of the Navajo Nation, is celebrated for its abundance unique fossils and early human habitation sites. For Chee and Manuelito, the area glows with geological interest and spiritual insight, but a current of violence that sweeps them both into danger disrupts their visit to this achingly beautiful place.

An unexpected death on a lonely road outside of Utah’s Bears Ears National Monument raises questions for Navajo Tribal Police officers Jim Chee and Bernadette Manuelito. Why would a seasoned outdoorsman and well-known paleontologist freeze to death within walking distance of his car?

A second death brings more turmoil. Who is the unidentified man killed during an apparent home invasion in which nothing seems to have been taken? Why was he murdered? A fossilized jawbone, a mysterious disappearance and a blizzard heighten the suspense. Manuelito and Chee need all of their experience, skill, and intuition to survive the threats that arise and solve the mysteries so that justice is served.

As usual, signed copies of Way of the Bear will be available for sale at Placitas community Library starting April 25th for $30. To purchase, you may visit (cash, check, or credit card) or call the library at 505-867-3355 (credit card).

Anne Hillerman’s Book Signing is May 6 at 2 PM.

Anne has a special place in her heart for our little library and with this title has been able to include us right up front in her book tour.