Seeds, Gardens & Labyrinth

Seed Library

Introducing our new seed library! Over 100 varieties to choose from.

Please complete the seed library order form and bring to the library where the front desk will assist in filling your order.  The seed library order form may be downloaded via the following link or picked up at the library.


On May 3, 2014, members of the Placitas community responded to the library’s invitation to celebrate its birthday—by bringing rocks. And not just any old rock.

These rocks, carried one by one by people young, old, and in-between, formed the outlines of a seven-circuit labyrinth just east of the parking area. This addition to the library’s garden was a long-sought dream of supporters who wanted to give the community a place to gather—individually or in groups—to celebrate, to meditate, and to heal.

As lovers of books, we believe that a meditative mind enhances the experience of reading, and we encourage everyone to join us on the path. For centuries, people around the globe have sought both solace and inspiration through labyrinths of many shapes and designs. The winding paths serve as metaphors for our individual journeys through life—moving toward a goal, then away from it, heading one direction, then another. Our design includes numerous loop-backs to encourage changes in consciousness, as well as a touch of whimsy.


Welcome curious gardener!  This is the Placitas Community Library (PCL) Garden Plant database!  Although this database is not meant to be a fully comprehensive database, it is hoped that it’ll be helpful to the curious gardener seeing something that they like on the Library grounds, and wondering if the plant they see might fit into their garden space at home.  For the most part, the plants in the PCL gardens are native, hardy for most of Placitas, and low water users (or xeric), in an attempt to see how beautiful and sustainable our Placitas gardens can be.