Let’s Speak Spanish with Diane Herrera Shepard

Let’s Speak Spanish!

An Introductory Class for Beginning or Almost Beginning Adults

Join Diane Herrera Shepard for a fun and interactive one-week Spanish Class (10 hours) October 2-6. 2023, from 10-12. This will be a short, intensive, and fun class.

Enjoy the opportunity to learn the basics as we pronounce, speak, listen, read, write, and communicate basic information. You already know a lot of Spanish words so let’s use your skills and build on them to better communicate.

Please know that in addition to the class hours, you will be expected to practice and use what you’ve learned in each of the classes. The class will be customized based on skill levels so please contact Diane immediately as class size is strictly limited. Email: dianehshepard@gmail.com or call 505/ 401-1265 for a brief conversation to register and establish goals for yourself. There will be a $5 materials charge to cover the cost of a Spanish language book.

Our major goal is to have fun, use learned skills, learn new techniques for communicating and increase your confidence as you use your skills in the greater Placitas/Bernalillo communities.