Off-road Adventures with Joan Fenicle (4-8-23)

The Adventures of a Professional Wanderer

with Joan Fenicle

Saturday, April 8, 2023 at 2 PM

On April 8th at 2 PM, Joan Fenicle will present her off-road adventures. She will share information on some of her favorite places with you and her experience finding hidden treasures.

Joan uses the word “professional” loosely, but because her wandering days began as a very small child when she and her faithful dog Pal were allowed to explore the mountains adjacent to her home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Her curiosity and delight in discovery has made wandering a life-long activity.

She moved to New Mexico in the late 60s, finding a place mostly unspoiled by massive development with numerous caminos and callejones to check out. At one time she knew every trail in the backcountry of Bandelier and the Rio Grande Gorge – most of our hot springs and petroglyph sites and ghost towns. Those were the days of traveling light and sleeping under the stars. Now in her 80s, the hikes are much shorter but her 4WD truck has never met a dirt road it didn’t want to explore.