Placitas Adult Community Education (PACE): Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Classes This Fall

Placitas Adult Community Education (PACE) is a local non-profit membership organization. It’s for people like you who have natural curiosity and want to learn new things – who want to “keep their brains in the game.”  Sound like you? Join us at the Placitas Community Library on August 24th at 2pm.  The new chair of PACE, Jud Fink, will share with us the upcoming classes offered this fall. There is a good chance one or more of the instructors will drop by as well.

PACE classes are led by speakers/experts/professionals who enjoy an informal “give and take” atmosphere. They generously teach on a volunteer basis.

Over the past eight years PACE has offered courses on science, water rights and where our water comes from, literature, jazz and classical music, life planning in our senior years, and many other topics. One of our most popular courses has been wine tasting. Among the courses planned or under discussion for the coming year are classes in Native American art, history and culture of the New Mexico Pueblos, classical music, jazz, literature, “Heaven and Earth” (comparing the geology of Earth and other bodies in the Solar System), wine tasting, and gardening in Placitas. A complete schedule will be available in August. Join us for an overview of the Fall courses and a sneak peek at the Spring semester on August 24th at 2pm at the Placitas Community Library. We hope to have several of our instructors on hand to chat about their course plans.

Each course meets for 2 hours once a week, anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks; we like to try to have about 4 -6 classes each semester. Classes are held at Placitas Community Library and are scheduled so they don’t conflict with each other. They’re offered on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, either 10-noon or 1-3.

In the Fall classes are staggered throughout mid-September to mid-December, and in the Spring from early February to about the beginning of May.

A $55 Semester Membership gives you the option of attending any or all the classes you want in one semester. The Annual Membership is discounted to $100 if you’d like to attend all the courses you want for two semesters, an entire year. For any semesters in which you’d just like to take one course, that’s $30. (You can add $70 to get the $100 deal for a full year if you’d like.) These funds are used to support Placitas Community Library and other community organizations and to cover PACE’s minimal expenses.

Would you like to teach a course? We are open to suggestions if you are thinking of a course you would like to see offered or if you know of someone who you think would do a great job teaching a course.

For more information on Placitas Adult Community Education (PACE) or to register for the Fall semester, please visit our website:   We look forward to seeing you at Placitas Community Library on August 24 at 2pm.

Article by Jud Fink