Presentation on Navigating Medicare Options

How to Navigate Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Options and Costs

Neal Solomon, PharmD, MPH, R.Ph.

Wednesday November 29, 2023

10 AM until noon

Placiteño, Dr. Neal Solomon has more than 40 years of experience as a pharmacist. He was the Pharmacy Administrator for the State Medicaid Program, overseeing the transition of Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibles to Medicare Part D drug coverage. On Wednesday November 29 at 10am, the Placitas community Library is honored to present Dr Solomon. He will explore the cardinal rules of health care:            

  • How insurance and health care are entirely different industries.
  • If you ask the right question to the wrong person, you will always get the wrong answer.
  • How drug “coverage” and benefit design work.
  • How some drugs are so inexpensive, insurance (“coverage”) saves you little.
  • “Trust is good, evidence is better”.
  • There are two ways to save money on medication costs:
    • Switch to a different plan
    • Switch to a different drug
  • Every problem in health comes down to two things:
    • Continuity of care
    • Education

Please bring your own list of medications and health conditions (anonymous please!) to get a breakdown of out-of-pocket costs under:

  • Medicare Part D stand-alone prescription drug plans
  • Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans
  • Supplemental Medicare (Medigap) plans
  • Approximate “cash” price