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Sales Procedures

Here is an overview of PCL’s current process for handling sales, taxes, invoicing, and records for the art exhibits:

  • During receptions, public and private, all sales are enacted by the PCL Host, usually a Board Member.
  • During the remainder of the month, the sales are handled and recorded at the library’s Front Desk.
  • All Art Sales/Disclaimer Forms are kept in a notebook at the Front Desk for the duration of each exhibit.
  • PCL records all sales.
  • PCL processes the transaction on the Artist Sales/Disclaimer Form, collects the payment and creates our own receipt for each sale (**see important sales info below).
  • Checks are made out to “Placitas Community Library”
  • Credit card purchases go through the PCL Square machine.
  • The artist is responsible for paying any gross receipts tax they may owe.
  • Payment to the artist, less 25% which will benefit the library, will be made within 30 days of the end of the exhibit


  • Make sure that your Art Sales/Disclaimer Form has your correct name and current postal mailing address. This is necessary to ensure timely payment. Also include your phone number or email address. It is the responsibility of each artist to update this information if it changes.
  • Artwork and sales prices are binding at time of submission.
  • Please address questions to your Exhibit Coordinator or the PCL Art Committee: