A Brief Update

By Dr. Doris Fields, PCL Board Chair
Placitas Community Library is preparing to unveil the new Nancy P. Kellum-Rose and Scott W. Deuel Wing! The unveiling is still pending until the contractor completes items identified on the punch list. Then PCL can officially take possession of the building and fill the spaces with many resources our community needs.

A Sneak Peek

The wing has five new rooms: Director’s Office, Gracie Lee Community Room, Pearl Children’s Room, Ross’s Reading Room, and Vulcan Café. More details about the features in each room are forthcoming, so stay tuned. In the meantime, local artist and PCL volunteer, Elizabeth Potter, will continue documenting the construction progress, including photos of the completed wing. This photo exposé will be found on our website after construction is completed, so stay tuned for that, too. At that point, PLC will introduce the new wing to our community. We are planning two events: a “Sneak Preview” in June and a “Grand Opening” in September. The Sneak Preview will provide a peek at the features of each room and the Grand Opening will be a larger, wider celebration with entertainment, honored guests, ribbon cutting, and refreshment. All, of course, will depend on construction completion, COVID-19 circumstances, and the degree to which our community and our volunteers are vaccinated and comfortable volunteering.


In addition to accessing the expansion, more new and exciting BUZZ at PCL is a new grant and the Placitas Reads project. Please read the articles by Lynnette Fields and Anne Frost.

King of the Hillside

As some of you know, the wind blew over our storage shed. Down the hillside, it went. Wayne “King of the Hillside” Gordon scrambled down the hillside and took the shed apart, piece by piece, organized all the pieces, and saved all the screws! Thank you, dear Wayne! It was too damaged to be secure enough for PCL’s continued use, but thanks to Furman Kelley, the shed has a new home. It will be re-assembled and put to very good use by a community member who was in need of a shed and a project. Here’s a big THANK YOU to Wayne and Furman! (Photo: Mary Sue Houser)

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