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Volunteer Job Descriptions

The following are some of the volunteer opportunities at the Library.  Spring, 2008 016Browse the list below to find activities that you would like to participate in.  If you think of a way to help that is not listed here, let us know — you may have come up with a need that we didn’t realize we had.

Adult Programming: PCL puts on two or three special programs for adults every month. These include talks by authors, how-to workshops, history presentations and more. Volunteers are needed to arrange for speakers, work with the program speaker on special needs, set up the room for the event, create and distribute flyers, arrange other publicity. Persons are also needed to work on the Adult Programs Committee in planning and supervising events.

Art and Design: Persons with these skills are needed to create flyers, posters, signage, and other work. The work can be done at home. Familiarity with basic computer programs for creating documents is a plus.

Book & Bake Sales: PCL typically has two major sales events each year, one in the spring and one in fall. Tasks include arranging publicity, creating signage to identify book topics and prices, organizing books, set up and take-down of tables, boxes of books, and other sales items. Cashiers are needed and helpers to answer browsers’ questions.

Building Committee: Members evaluate PCL facility needs and assure facilities are properly maintained. Make minor repairs and improvements or communicate with Sandoval County Maintenance Department when necessary. Program the HVAC system and outside lights.

Cataloging:  Describing new acquisitions so that they can be found on the library’s shelves and in the PCL catalog. The work is done using a specific computer program, and requires attention to detail, curiosity, and diligence. Volunteers need to be willing to work a set schedule, weekly.

Children’s Programming: PCL offers two or three special programs for children every month and a series of weekly programs over the summer. These include story time for 2-5 year olds, a book club for 7 – 11 year olds, and talks by authors of children’s books. Volunteers are needed to assist with these programs, arrange publicity, and so forth. Persons are also needed to serve on the Children’s Services Committee to plan and supervise special events for children such as Dia de los Muertos, Lunar New Year, and other festival-type celebrations. We could use a volunteer to keep the children’s section of the website up-to-date.

Donated Book Team: Sorting and evaluating newly donated books for inclusion in the collection, sale on Amazon, or library book sales. Requires strong PC skills for researching possible Amazon sales, and subjective decision-making skills for Amazon pricing. Willingness to package Amazon sale items and deliver to PO for shipping. Desire to work with other team members, willingness to change schedule to substitute for other members when necessary.

Financial and Tax Expertise: From time to time professional advice is needed from CPAs or other financial experts as questions arise.

Grant Writing. This is an opportunity to work at your own schedule depending on grant agency deadlines. Persons with knowledge of grants and grant-writing techniques are needed to secure funding for library acquisitions, equipment and furnishings, children’s and adult programming, and provision of special services.

Help Desk: Welcome our patrons and assist them in using the library’s materials and services. Involves use of the online circulation system, knowledge and understanding of the library’s philosophy and policies, checking materials out and in, plus answering questions patrons may have on any topic. Volunteers are needed for a set schedule, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, or as back-up on-call.

I.T.:  Coordinates with contracted computer support company (Red Road Networks) for necessary services.  Provides initial trouble-shooting for computer problems prior to referring to RRN.  Updates software as needed.  Provides advice to library management team on computer software and hardware.

Landscaping Committee: If you enjoy the great outdoors, this may be the job for you. Members plan upgrades and expansions of the library’s gardens, participate in workdays, and help keep the grounds looking good.

Legal Expertise: From time to time legal issues arise about contracts, funding, liability, and so forth. Attorneys licensed to practice in New Mexico are needed to respond to legal questions.

Library Board Membership: The business and affairs of the library are governed and managed by the Board of Directors. The Board sets library policy, supports library services and activities, evaluates the Library Director, and raises funds for library operations. Terms on the board are for three years and are renewable. Attendance at monthly meetings is required as well as committee work.

Processing and Labeling: Item-specific barcodes are placed in each newly cataloged book or other item, and the location label is added to the outside of the material. After processing/labeling is completed, the materials are ready to be shelved and checked out by our patrons. Volunteers are needed to work on a weekly basis.

Shelving and Maintaining Shelf Order: Also known as “shelf-reading”, maintaining shelf order is essential in order for patrons and staff to find materials in the library. A volunteer checks a particular set of shelves on a regular basis to ensure that all the materials in that area are in the correct call number order. Volunteers are also needed to shelve new materials and materials that have been removed from the shelves. Volunteers may work at their own schedule but on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

OTHER: This stands for “what ideas do you have that will make PCL more useful to Placitas area residents?” There certainly are services, activities, and such that we have not considered. You may have special skills that could benefit the library in ways that are not listed here. Please let us hear from you.