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2018 PCL Art Exhibits – CALL FOR ARTISTS

Here’s a chance for you to share your work with the Placitas community.

Submission forms and detailed information can be found on the PCL website:

The following exhibits are open to all artists over 18 years old:

JANUARY 2018 ART EXHIBIT – “Flights of Fancy: Artful Representations of Birds”
Submissions begin – Tuesday, Nov 7, 2017
In January many of our feathered friends move south, but avian visions remain. From Audubon to Picasso artists throughout time have depicted birds through painting, photography, clay and other media. This is your opportunity to join the artists of Placitas and environs in portraying these winged wonders. Let your imagination soar!

FEBRUARY 2018 ART EXHIBIT – “Walk in My Shoes!”
Submissions begin – Tuesday, Nov 7, 2017
Shoes! You wear them; you run in them; you dance in them; and you admire them. The submission piece can be a decorated, constructed, deconstructed, photographed, or a reimaged shoe or pair of shoes.

MARCH 2018 ART EXHIBIT – “Quilts: Everything Old is New Again”
Submissions begin – Tues, Dec 26, 2017
Rework those traditional quilts in new and different way, or using untraditional fabrics. Submissions can include “wearable” pieces such as quilted jackets and vests. Think outside the “traditional” quilted wall hanging artwork and try something new!

JUNE 2018 ART EXHIBIT – “Dress for Success”
Submissions begin – Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Who wears dresses anymore? Little girls with voluminous petticoats beneath satin, ribbons and bows. A bride in her white gown trailed by pastel-clad attendants. Pencil-thin models wearing Armani, Versace or Donna Karan. Consider this familiar garb as a metaphor for comfort (the casual house dress), for femininity, for women’s traditional roles in days gone by. Using fabric (that abandoned dress in the closet?), paint, photography or another medium, this is your opportunity to comment on our love/hate relationship with this ubiquitous article of clothing.

JULY 2018 ART EXHIBIT – “Black and White”
Submissions begin – Tuesday, April 3, 2018
Black and white…a classic combination! Some people “think” in black and white; others “wear” black and white; photographers “shoot” in black and white; and artists “sketch” in black and white. What about you? Use this theme to create your next work of art. Want to enhance your design with a touch of accent color? It’s OK!

AUGUST 2018 ART EXHIBIT – “Painting Placitas”
Submissions begin – Tuesday, May 1, 2018
There is magic here in this special place we call “Placitas.” If you have that special gift of painting, find your favorite and most inspirational place and create that “magical” moment. It can be the Sandias, Cabezon, the sunset, cacti and coyotes, those special times when the moon shines bright over our our town, or anything that captures the essence of “Placitas.”

SEPTEMBER 2018 ART EXHIBIT – “Beyond the Box”
Submissions begin – Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Whether you think in-the-box or out-of-the-box, if you are an artist – you can re-imagine that box.
Transform your own personal box and bring it to the library to inspire others. Any medium will do.

OCTOBER 2018 ART EXHIBIT – “Art and Fashion… Upcycle Runway Style”
Submissions begin – Sunday, July 1, 2018
This wearable art exhibit melds art and fashion, using the human form as part of an artistic fashion piece. The works for this show will reflect how to “upcycle” clothing for new looks. We are seeking artists that are interested in working with teams to create fashion and style from used clothing to create new style combinations.  Models will be selected for a fashion show at the reception.  Accessories (upcycled or not) for these selected styles to include hats, scarves, jewelry, handbags, etc. are needed for this exhibit.

NOVEMBER 2018 ART EXHIBIT – The “Art” of the Written Word
Submissions begin – Wednesday, Aug 1, 2018
Let’s meet at the powerful intersection between art and letters – where each can help to convey and expand the thoughts, intentions, and hopes of the other. Perhaps it’s a handmade greeting card adorned with watercolors or maybe one with an evocative photograph and saying; or maybe it’s a framed poem with original artwork; or a handcrafted chapbook with musings, poems, and sketches or a handcrafted journal that makes room for such rescues of memories. What wonderfully meaningful and personal gifts these make – whether wrapped in an envelope or a frame.  Added bonus: it’s just in time for the holidays!

DECEMBER 2018 ART EXHIBIT – “Passages”
Submissions begin – Saturday, Sept 1, 2018
Through doors, windows, and other openings one perceives truth, memory, or perhaps, beauty. 
Sometimes we have but a fleeting glimpse, or maybe only a small crack opens, but there it is… unexpected, unbidden. Create works of art that seek truth, memory, and beauty.

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