Meeting Room Policy

The Placitas Community Library welcomes use of its meeting rooms by our community when they are not being used by the Library. Library sponsored and co-sponsored programs have priority over all other room reservations. Groups may be denied use of meeting rooms or asked to reschedule a previous room reservation if a conflict arises with a Library sponsored function.

People may reserve either of our two meeting rooms: the Collin Meeting Room (CMR) which holds up to 35 or the Gracie Lee Community Room (GLCR) which can accommodate 90. Both rooms have chairs, tables, and A/V equipment.  Rooms are available for use, within the guidelines and priorities of the “Meeting Room Policy,” by all groups regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of any group or its individual members.

As a non-profit, the Library reserves the right to determine if the purpose of a meeting is for the commercial promotion or sale of any product or service and to prohibit meetings determined to be primarily for this reason.

No funds of any kind, admission fees or registration fees  may be solicited or collected except for library activities. Programs whose purpose is to sell a product or service will not be allowed.

Group activities may not interfere with the conduct of library business. Activities of a vigorous or dangerous physical nature such as aerobic exercise or gymnastics classes are not permitted. Activities involving the presence or use of any firearms, live ammunition, or hazardous substances are not permitted. (This restriction is not intended to preclude use of the facilities by law enforcement personnel in the normal scope of their duties.) Meeting rooms may not be used for purposes prohibited by County, State, or Federal law. Meeting Room users must abide by the posted “Meeting Room Rules of Use.” Attendance may not exceed posted legal capacity.

The booking of a group, and the content of its subsequent meeting, does not constitute an endorsement of, or any opinion about, the philosophy of such group by the Library. The Library only promotes Library related or co-sponsored programs.

Meeting rooms are available from 9 AM to 10 PM, Sunday through Saturday. The building must be vacated by 10:00 PM.

Failure to abide by the Library’s Meeting Room Rules may result in loss of the privilege to reserve and use meeting rooms.  The individual reserving and using a meeting room is required to have a valid library card and be in good standing with the Library.

Placitas Community Library reserves the right to make exceptions and amendments to this policy as appropriate.

Meeting Room Rules of Use

  1. Reservations are made online through the Library website and are scheduled on a first come, first-serve base. The Library always has first priority.
  2. Rooms may be reserved up to six months in advance. No more than 24 meetings may be scheduled during that six-month period. Individuals and groups seeking to reserve a timeslot on a recurring basis, may do so for up to six months. Applications for an extension of the six months will be considered within the final two weeks of the six-month block.
  3. No funds of any kind, admission fees or registration fees may be solicited or collected at the library except for library activities. Programs whose purpose is to sell a product or service will not be allowed.
  4. The individual reserving the room is required to have a valid library card in good standing and be at least 18 years old. This person will be designated as the responsible party.
  5. Access to the meeting rooms during non-library hours can be attained by checking out a meeting room packet at the Help Desk during normal library hours.
  6. The individual reserving the room will be responsible for the group’s orderly conduct. No candles, open flame or incense may be used during use of the room. Setup and cleanup of the tables and chairs, including returning furniture to the configuration in which they were found, is the responsibility of the reserving party.
  7. Nothing can be displayed or affixed to walls. All display materials must have prior approval. Display materials may not interfere with normal Library business. The Library does not provide publicity for events not sponsored or co-sponsored by the Library.
  8. Outside of Library hours it is the responsibility of the reserving party to secure the entire Library building. Instructions for this  and use of PCL equipment must be obtained during normal Library hours by appointment.
  9. The reserving party must agree to the Library’s Meeting Room Policy and Rules of Use prior to the confirmation of a reservation to use the space.
  10. The Library reserves the right to cancel any reservation for failure to follow Library policy or rules, to preserve a safe environment, or for any emergency that may arise.