Construction & Changes


Hurray! The long-awaited translucent panels have been delivered and are now installed! Many in our community have asked when the expansion will be completed. While we do not have a schedule yet, the contractor has promised to provide one in the next week or so. We will keep everyone posted. Now that the building is enclosed and protected from elements of weather, like rain, sleet, and snow (we wish for this moisture) but more likely dust, the contractor is proceeding to finish the inside walls, floors, and fixtures. We are grateful for everyone’s excitement and patience. Thank you. Stay tuned!

In November, we wrote about transitions from fall to winter. Now, as winter is with us and spring is misting through the snow clouds atop the Sandias and buds peek through dark moist earth on unseasonably warm weeks, Placitas Community Library also is negotiating its own transitions. When first established, PCL functioned very well and for many years without an academically trained library director. For the past ten years, PCL’s only paid staff member was an academically trained director. Through the gem of our current director, Tim Blevins, we have grown exponentially in understanding our true potential at this point. We learned that, in fact, even with 100+ volunteers, and a part-time director, management of the library requires more than 40 hours to achieve our potential!

Though circumstances around COVID have thwarted some of the volunteer work in the library, several volunteers have been working with Tim to keep things going. We continue developing systems that are making us more efficient and more affordable. There is much to do in a library and many changes in technology surround us. Tim is helping us negotiate those changes. Tim and I explored the various tasks and disaggregated them; in addition to a director, we realize we need an administrator. The administrator and the director will work part-time to make up 40 hours per week. We are grateful for the many tasks volunteers are taking on as well. We are in the middle of a hiring process now with strong applicants. Thus, more change is coming. Read on.


Placitas Community Library is changing and growing. Although change can be challenging, growth requires change. For the past year, we have enjoyed many gifts from our current director, Tim. He has positioned us to grow beyond our earlier dreams. Now, he must leave, yet we must not think of what we will lose but what we have gained. 

During my career in public health, I had several employees grow beyond the limits of their role and advance to higher academic endeavors or simply to a better job or more challenge. Tim arrived at PCL fully learned and experienced and he brought us much. I was always saddened to lose great employees regardless of their need for change. Here, I am saddened to see Tim leave as director. He has assured us he is “leaving the job but not the library,” for he plans to help with the transition, training, and volunteering after he is no longer employed with PCL. Tim led us through the COVID experience, keeping volunteers and our community safe and he allowed PCL to provide excellent service to this community. We have grown and will continue to be privileged to have Tim Blevins here to help us as we move forward. We are delighted he will be with us as a volunteer.


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