Obvious and Not-so-Obvious Transitions

Library Expansion Placitas

Fall eases in, the trees exhibit their varied colors of green – red – and orange, and aspens’ golden leaves glimmer in the gentle breeze. The sky embraces its New Mexico Blue throughout the day and brilliant red-orange at sunset. The nights are getting cooler, quieter, and sleep comes sooner as the sky darkens earlier. Aroma of roasting green chile brightens our senses, reminding us that we are in New Mexico and that fall, indeed, has arrived.

As the season transitions, so does our ever-changing library-scape. Recently, we gave tours of the addition just prior to the contractor closing in the new construction (masked, distanced, and in small groups). The tours were a delight; we could see what was already there and imagine all the parts to come.

Everyone was excited to see the progress and a number of ideas and suggestions emerged. Some people want more contrasting colors: turquoise, turquoise, turquoise! The ceiling beams in the breezeway (the area that is still looking for a donor to name it) will remain turquoise. Also, the Furnishings and Fixtures Committee is searching for nice accent chairs, perhaps turquoise?!

Some people want a “closing door” here or a “bigger door” here or only a “doorway” there or “no door” at all there. The architects, the contractor, and the county have assured us that doors and doorways are ADA-compliant and the building is accessible to people with mobility challenges or disabilities. The future might bring a small seating area behind the library –perhaps ground cover would be a “cement pad,” “crusher fines,” or “artificial turf.”

Other suggestions include a six-foot wall, shrubs that are watered primarily from runoff from the roof, a small play area for children, a path down to the arroyo for a nature hike, and perhaps geology or botanical tours in the future! Additional items – such as a seating area, nature path, a children’s play area, and a six-foot wall to prevent falls – will come a bit later, after construction is completed and we raise funds to be able to accommodate these dreams.

The Placitas Community Library Building

Your library is growing by 80% with the new addition. We will be calling upon our neighbors and friends to help fund the additional expenses we will incur with the new space. Because Placitas is not a municipality, the library must rely on contributions to pay for all our operating expenses, including the director’s salary, utilities, and adult and children’s programs.

As you commit to contributing, please remember that Placitas Community Library is a 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax-deductible. We ask that you give generously to your comfort level when our annual donation request letter arrives. We appreciate your contributions greatly. Thank you. Remember, if you would like a tour, just send me an email at pclboardchair@placitaslibrary.com.

We welcome Bob Becker to our Construction Committee. Bob is a long time Placiteño and a retired architect. Bob and his wife, Chris, are dedicated to community uplift, particularly through education. In addition to helping community projects in Placitas, such as Sophia’s Giving Circle and Casa Rosa, Bob and Chris work directly with the local pueblos, providing support to parents and resources to children, helping to improve education access and education overall. We are delighted to have Bob helping us understand and distinguish the “plans,” “bid documents,” and “drawings.”

Photos of PCL from 10/30/20 (J. Trujillo)