Call for Artists: 2021 Exhibits

Share your work with the Placitas community. The following exhibits are open to all artists 18 and older.

May/June: Gracie Lee Community Room Inaugural Exhibit - Placitas Studio Tour Artists

Exhibit Dates: Pending - June 24

Exhibit Coordinators:  Nancy Holley, Geri Verble and Rebecca Cohen

June/August: Life in Focus - Jardineros Photography Group

Exhibit Dates: June 26 - August 5

Exhibit Coordinators: Michael Wile and Sue Ortiz

August/September: Contradictions and Complexity: The Color Yellow

Exhibit Dates: August 7 - September 9

Mellow Yellow? Yellow Submarine? Yellow Bird, Yellow Moon? Yellow Rose of Texas? Musicians have an extensive history of celebrating the color yellow. And now, artists, it’s your turn.

Tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree?

The focus for the August/September exhibit is the color yellow. Whether your take is positive (think sunshine and sunflowers!) or less so (think cowardice or yellow journalism) immerse yourself in this shimmering hue.

Follow that Yellow Brick Road in your Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. We can’t wait to see your response to our theme..

Submission Deadline:  July 15

Exhibit Coordinator: Margaret Bruch



September/October: Magic in the Gardens - Placitas Garden Tour

Exhibit Dates: September 11 - October 21

Coordinators:  Geri Verble and Sue Ortiz

October/December: Piece by Piece - Mosaic New Mexico Artist Collective

Exhibit Dates: October 23 - December 2
Exhibit Coordinators:  Laura Robbins and Sandy Johnson

December/January 2022: Artful Threads: Wearable Art

Exhibit Dates: December 4 - January 6, 2022

Wearable art can be anything that is created in such a manner that it is an artistic piece designed to be worn. They are handmade pieces of clothing and accessories which are individually designed as an expressive art. So, we challenge you to think. 

This art exhibit is seeking artists who wish to exhibit their “art” on wearable material. Art included can be silk scarves, jewelry, jackets, dresses, hats, purses, and much more.

Submission Deadline:  November 11

Coordinators:  Geri Verble, Sue Ortiz and Sandy Johnson

Share your art with the Placitas community