Call for Artists: 2019 Exhibits

Share your work with the Placitas community. The following exhibits are open to all artists 18 and older.

May: Metal and Threads

Submissions begin February 1, 2019

The title is a beginning theme and encourages you to expand it to include your varied techniques and objects. Mixed Media art can bring together a multitude of different elements in a variety of differing ways. Use some metal, use some threads and any other combination of items you choose on the many canvases of art making. All mediums welcome.

Coordinator: Sue Ortiz

June: Wheels and Motion

Submissions begin – March 1, 2019

From childhood on we are fascinated with things that go round…. trains, planes and automobiles… bikes, skates, amusement rides, etc…the faster the better. Capture your favorite vehicle or movement in your medium of choice and share with Placitas.

Coordinator: Margaret Bruch

July: A Feast for the Eyes - Food as Art

Submissions begin – March 1, 2019

We like to think of food as the ultimate storyteller and every meal a work of art, but what about taking the value of food as art to new heights?  Food has a unique and distinct way of acting as a form of communication between individuals and between cultures. Come join us in exploring “Food as Art!”  All mediums are accepted. For some inspiration, check out this YouTube video and website.  Bon Appétit!

Coordinator: Geri Verble

August: Dog Days

Submissions begin – May 1, 2019

The relationship between dogs and humans dates back tens of thousands of years. Hanging out with our canine friends, it turns out, has been and continues to be beneficial to both. Artists should take advantage of this exhibition to exhibit their knowledge of dog lore, to express love for a particular breed, to acknowledge a favorite dog, or perhaps to remember that scary creature once encountered (in real time or in the imagination) that made them run away. Responses in any medium are welcome.

Coordinators: Rebecca Cohen and Margaret Bruch

September: Placitas Garden Tour

Coordinators: Geri Verble and Sue Ortiz

October: Every Child is an Artist

A display of student art from Placitas Elementary, grades K-5.

Coordinator: Linda Hughes

November: Here Comes the Sun

Submissions begin – August 1, 2019

This is a natural! We live in New Mexico where the Zia or sun symbol appears on our flag. As the sun affords us less heat at this time of the year, but just as much sunshine, artists are encouraged to look at the sun (but not directly!) and provide their own unique take on this ubiquitous symbol.

Coordinator: Rebecca Cohen

December: Beauty, Magic, Wonder - A Creative Journey

Submissions begin – September 1, 2019

There is beauty in magic…sometimes magic happens and sometimes a happy accident becomes a work of art. Find the creative spirit inside of you through inspiration, celebration, struggles, and wonder and explore the aspects of your soul by creating something beautiful and magical. All mediums welcome.

Coordinators: Geri Verble and Sue Ortiz

Share your art with the Placitas community