Call for Artists: 2020 Exhibits

Share your work with the Placitas community. The following exhibits are open to all artists 18 and older.

March/April : Verde: The Color of Life

Submissions accepted: December 1, 2019 - January 31, 2020

Green is:  4-leaf clover luck, the heart chakra, complimentary to red

Green is:  permission to go, money,  jealousy, envy, safety

Green is:  renewal, nature, energy, harmony, freshness

Green is:  calm, healing and save the environment

Share your expression of green alone or as a dominant accent. 

“It’s not easy being green”— Kermit the Frog

Coordinator: Linda Hughes

May: Reaching Back/Looking Forward

Submissions accepted: February 1 - April 12

Where does art come from?

Certainly it is a reflection of our here and now, but it is also fed by artists’ past experience of landscape,  family, of art experienced in museums and galleries and through study. 

The May exhibition aims to provide an opportunity for artists to look back at the experiences that have influenced their work and perhaps reconsider new ways to use the past to inform future.

Think memory, biography, autobiography and transitioning from the past to future.

Coordinator: Rebecca Cohen

July/August: Cat Tales

Submissions accepted April 1 - June 7

Most cats have only one tail but every cat has lots of tales.
Cats tell us their tales in many ways. What tales do cats tell you?
How do they tell you?
All mediums welcome.

Coordinator: Elizabeth Potter

October: Flights of Fancy

Submissions accepted: July 1 - September 13

Remember this?

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane….it’s Superman!”

Experiencing or simply observing the wonders of flying through the air was a human obsession long before George Reeves donned that skin tight blue suit and red cape. We constantly strive for freedom of movement with no boundaries, soaring and swooping whether emotionally or in fact. 

For October’s Placitas Community Library art exhibit, share your artistic vision of how to escape the bounds of earth and find freedom from confinement either physically or spiritually through flight.   

Coordinator:  Margaret Bruch

November/December: Off the Wall ~ Wearable Art

Submissions accepted August 1 - October 11

Wearable art can be anything that is created in such a manner that it is an art piece designed to be worn. They are handmade pieces of clothing and accessories which are individually designed as an expressive art and can sometimes be unique, funky, and “Off the Wall.”
The inspiration can be found in different sources like art, life, and history. It can also include non-fiber materials such as leather, plastic, metal, and other materials. It can be sewn, glued, constructed, painted, collaged, riveted, woven, and knitted.
So, we challenge you to think “Off the Wall” and join us in this creative endeavor.

Coordinators:  Geri Verble, Elizabeth Potter, Sue Ortiz

Share your art with the Placitas community