Call for Artists: 2022 Exhibits

Share your work with the Placitas community. The following exhibits are open to all artists 18 and older.

December/January 2022: Celebration of Color Fantasy - Bead Society of NM (invitation only)

Exhibit Dates: December 7 - January 6, 2022

The Bead Society of New Mexico (BSNM) was founded in 1984 for the benefit and development of our members and the community at large through education, appreciation, and involvement in the field of beads and bead-related subjects.

The Bead Society of New Mexico is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers. We are dedicated to the study, discussion, and exchange of information about beads and beadwork and to share our knowledge through educational programs, workshops, newsletter, and website. Members are a diverse group at all skill levels who enjoy all aspects of jewelry construction.

Our exhibit is “Celebration of Color Fantasy”. If you are familiar with the Color Wheel, you will understand that certain colors match better with each other in the design process. We have encouraged our member artists to think outside the box and create fanciful fantasy pieces and press the color pallet to its fullest. Some creations are of fantasy, some are just fancy. All will be a feast for the eyes, and most will be pieces of wearable art.

Submission Deadline:  Closed to Submissions

Coordinators:  Pam Troutman and Linda Hughes

January 2022: Life in Focus: Jardineros Photo Group (invitation only)

Exhibit Dates: January 8 - February 3, 2022

Coordinators:  Michael Wile and Sue Ortiz

February 2022: Roger Evan's Retrospective (invitation only)

Exhibit Dates: February 5 - March 3

Coordinators:  Margaret Bruch

March 2022: Lost & Found: A Personal Interpretation

Exhibit Dates: March 5 - March 31

Lost loves, lost opportunities, lost in space!  

New found knowledge, new found friends or found objects! 

Artists are encouraged to define and explore the experience of loss  and the joy of new discoveries.  

Whether your focus is on a personal or communal experience, consider employing repurposed, rescued and reclaimed materials to enhance your narrative with materials that have also been “lost” and then “found”.

All mediums are welcome.

Submission Deadline: February 13

Coordinators:  Sandy Johnson and Sue Ortiz

April 2022: Turning the Pages - Art Inspired by Books

Exhibit Dates: April 2 - April 28

In the digital age of “Kindle” reading and “Audible” listening, many of us yearn for the days of picking up a book and “Turning the Pages.”

There is something about the feeling and artfulness of holding a book, browsing through the beautifully illustrated art, and beginning the journey of reading. 

This is your opportunity to be inspired by expressing your art through literature. 

Some resources to inspire that journey are and

Submission Deadline: February 25

Coordinator:  Geri Verble

May 2022: Placitas Studio Tour (invitation only)

Exhibit Dates: April 30 - June 2

Coordinators:  Jack Chiasson/Colleen Gregoire

June/July 2022: Collaborations

Exhibit Dates: June 4 - July 14

Coordinators:  Rebecca Cohen

July/August 2022: Red

Exhibit Dates: July 16 - August 26

Coordinators:  Linda Hughes

Share your art with the Placitas community