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Sister Libraries

The Placitas Community Library does have two “sister” libraries we’ve established relationships with to share ideas, resources and information.

westsideoflibraryLa Center Community Library, became a partner about 6 years ago through our volunteer, Judy Gajkowski. While visiting her grandchildren in La Center, Washington, she heard about the efforts of a group of volunteers who were raising money to save an old structure and renovate it to use as a library for the small community. Sound familiar?The building, which had once served as the hospital for La Center, was saved from demolition, moved to a central site in town, renovated and opened as a branch of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District in 2004. Although La Center is part of a library district, they depend on volunteers to run a lot of their programs and do fundraising.Our two libraries have traded photos, newsletters, ideas for activities and fund-raising over the years. Judy visited the La Center Library last summer and put together a display of photos from her visit.A poster of the photos will be on display in our Library in April.

Our newest sister is the Lybrook Elementary/Middle School near Chaco Canyon here in New Mexico. We became aware of this library last November when some of its Albuquerque supporters asked us about donating the remaining books from our November book sale. We sent Lybrook dozens of cartons of books for both children and adults. Lybrook School is located in a remote area with no public library for adults nearby. The school has set aside space for a selection of books for the adults in the community to use. We’ve made a commitment to Lybrook to send any surplus books and materials to them and are looking forward to making a visit to their library soon.

Although these relationships are informal and not binding in any way, they are a way for small libraries like ours and theirs to share ideas and support each other as we provide needed services to our communities.